Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta, “The World Is Where You’re Not”
from Burning Houses

What’s so wrong with the light?

Angel Olsen - Windows

They didn’t start out too great — they had a difficult time looking for cracks in the Argentine defense, and their own defensive cover (with the exception of Boateng, who made some important saves huhu luv u Boateng because apparently Hummels cannot outrun Messi) was being compromised. But the Mannschaft had a bolder offense during extra-time, which ultimately led to Götze’s (unexpected!) goal. They didn’t score seven goals, but they scored the winning goal.

Congratulations, Die Nationalmannschaft!

P.S. Götze still looks like Taran Killam. And Angela Merkel, everyone could see that you cuddled Neuer a moment too long during the awarding ceremony. Asus.

Hi Mats luv u

Particularly satisfied with this month’s Booksale haul




Beastie Boys ‘Sabotage’ Video Turned Into Vintage Comic As a Tribute to Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch

Listen all y’all!

There was this one time when I was in high school, and he was in New York, he called me up because he had a horrible nightmare. And his nightmare was awesome, well, it was — he was being attacked by some crazy guy on the street, and he said that I came out of nowhere with an axe, and I just axed this crazy guy to death. And I saved his life. It’s just that… that made me realize that my brother sees something in me that I, you know, sometimes don’t see in myself.

Mistaken for Strangers (2013)

How, exactly, do you douse a burning river? What could you do, when the retardant was also the accelerant? —Jeffrey Eugenides, The Marriage Plot